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Who is George Parker?

Continuous Change and Innovation

Organisations use to evolve like a train riding over a railroad. They could plan ahead (strategic and tactical level), set up a time table (operational level) and pretty much stick to it. Staffmembers sat back and relaxed while the traindriver (managment) set the wheels in motion. But the world has changed rapidly. There are very few regular, let alone predictable stops anymore. It looks like the railroads have been replaced by...nothing. 

Organisations need to change to a cluster of off-the-road vehicles finding their way through the landscape while keeping in touch with each other. Those types of organisations are far more capable of adapting to changing circumstances. They are flexible, lean and very capable of quickly reinventing themselves if change occurs. To help this modern type of organisation be successful, staff members need an extra skill set that includes excellent communication and learning skills and creativity.

George Parker dedicated his life to study and practice the process of change and creation. Over the last thirty-five years he's been driving in that off-the-road vehicle. He has used his life, work, business and relationships as a laboratory for creative change, reinventing himself over and over again. 

He helps teams and individuals to move from a reactive attitude to a creative attitude. His services and products, (including LectureShows©, WorkShows©, Executive Coaching, books) offer a wide variety of tools to creatively turn vague intentions into inspired results. After fourthousand performances in over twenty countries, he has proven to create impact in any branch on any level, leaving longlasting memories that support your process of change.

George Parker

Life Guide Relationship Guide Business Guide

Life Guide

The LifeGuide focuses on personal change. You're who you think you are. So free your mind and the rest will follow.

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Relationship Guide

I know people who claim that their wedding day is the most beautiful day in their life. I wonder: what happened after that...? Did it get worse?

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Business Guide

Business Growth is about constant reinvention of Products, Processes and People. It's a Death and Resurrection Show.

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The Deck


TheCreationGame carddeck

The box contains 78 practical insights, a quickstart card and a booklet. The booklet includes:

  • A Crash Course Creation
  • George Parker’s IDEAL
  • The Games (layouts for the cards)

The deck is designed to help you shape your life to be just the way that you want it by helping you become more aware of how any reality is the result of a creative process. IDEAL will help you to turn vague intentions into inspired results.

You can play solo, with your life partner, friends or colleagues.